Terms and Conditions

For a full list of our Terms & Conditions please refer to those attached to your online booking.

HOUSEKEEPING – Excess Charges

All our accommodation options are fully self servicing holiday homes and apartments. These holiday homes and apartments are fully serviced prior to check-in and again on check out. For multinight stays of more than 7 days we offer a complimentary service part way through your stay. You can also request additional servicing which will be charged on an hourly rate. Towels and extra linen requirements can be made by request.

When you check out please ensure:
Dishes are done or dishwasher is on completing the wash cycle
Benches are clear
Any food has been removed
Rubbish and recycling is in appropriate outdoor bins

A cleaning fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis ( $45-$150) if there is an extraordinary amount of cleaning required or property left in a dirty state with additional rubbish or to remove strong food smells. Charges for damage or breakages to fixtures fittings or landscaping may apply

If there is evidence (smoke odour) that you or any of your guests have smoked within the property you will be charged the full cost of any additional cleaning and fumigation required.  Guests are asked to remove all cigarette butts from outside the property and to please only use a suitable ashtray.

All excess charges will be charged to the credit card held on file for your booking.