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Terms and Conditions

For a full list of our Holiday rental terms and conditions please refer to those attached to your online booking.  


From Friday 3rd December LWMA guests need to meet one or more requirements to stay in our properties:

1. Proof of full Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination,
2. A valid negative Coronavirus PCR test past 72 hrs, or
3. Recent proof of Coronavirus recovery


We have very strict laws for visitor accommodation with the Queenstown-Lakes council.

 There is a maximum occupancy of adults at each property and this is set to 2 people per bedroom. Please do not exceed those on your booking.

  • There is no use at all of the outdoor spaces 10 pm-7 am. Voices and noise can be an issue especially for neghbouring properties (local council bylaw)
  • We have NO PARTY policies, and 10 or more people are classed as a party.
  • There should be no one under the age of 14 years old staying on any of our proprieties alone without adult supervision at all times.
  • This is a quiet neighborhood. Please respect your neighbors.  

If for any reason guests contravene these holiday rental terms and conditions we as managers will at our sole discretion terminate the stay. This will not affect 99.9% of bookings however without these terms and conditions the comfort and security of others staying in adjacent properties is significantly affected especially at times such as New Year.  


All our holiday rental accommodation options are fully self-servicing holiday homes and apartments. These holiday homes and apartments are fully serviced prior to check-in and again on check-out. For multinight stays of more than 7 days, we offer a complimentary service part way through your stay. You can also request additional servicing which will be charged at an hourly rate. Towels and extra linen, requirements can be made by request. The linen supplied is hired linen so please do not launder this linen yourself. Charges will be applied if linen is found to have been laundered by guests as the linen service will pass on the charges directly to us. 

CHECK OUT – When you check out please ensure:

Dishes are done, or the dishwasher is on completing the wash cycle,
benches are clear and rubbish and recycling are inappropriate outdoor bins. Send the manager a message 0212284646 to let them know you are ready to check out. Turn off all lights, heaters, and appliances. 

EXTRA CHARGES – can be incurred 

A cleaning fee will be charged on a pro-rata basis ( $45-$150) if there is an extraordinary amount of cleaning required or property left in a dirty state with additional rubbish or to remove strong food smells. Charges for damage or breakages to fixtures fittings or landscaping may apply

Where a property has a BBQ for the exclusive use of that apartment please ensure is cleaned after use. 

Our properties are all non-smoking properties. This is also no smoking in outdoor areas and patios.  Please take a short walk away from the property if you need a cigarette.  If there is evidence (smoke odour) that you or any of your guests have smoked within the property, you will be charged the full cost of any additional cleaning and fumigation required.  

If there is any incurred or accidental damage to the property during your stay please let us know immediately and we will try to mitigate the damage incurred. Please do not try and fix it yourself.

Holiday rental terms and conditions are not all-inclusive as we can never cover every situation. Please take great care of the property during your stay. Charges are at the discretion of the managers. You will be informed of any charges that are necessary and these can be charged to the credit card held on file for your booking.